Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio

Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio

Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio (the dots are silent, btw) is a podcast about work & life and how to make the two get along.

Hosted by Tanner Tate and Aaron Dickey - Co-Founders of Unknown.Studio in Edmond, Oklahoma - this podcast offers up 20+ years' worth of insights, advice, and strategies for starting something new, building a brand, leading a team, balancing a family, and improving yourself.

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    013 - Failure is Awesome

    Everybody loves a lovable loser.

    On this episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio, we tell you why failure is awesome. And talk about Will Smith.

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    012 - Setting Your Operating Principles

    What do you stand for?

    On this episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio, we cover the importance of clearly stating your business's operating principles.

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    010 - The Directionless Episode

    Sometimes you just shoot from the hip and ad lib.

    On this episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio, we sit down without a script and freestyle about when to hire and, ironically, why it is important for a business to have a direction.

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    009 - How to Avoid Burnout & How to Deal With It

    According to Neil Young (and, more infamously, Kurt Cobain), it is better to burn out than fade away. But ask someone who has dealt with burnout, and they'll tell you it is not an enjoyable experience.

    In this episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio, we discuss the different types of burnout, how to avoid burnout, and how to deal with burnout if you find yourself up against it.

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    008 - Mentors: How to Find 'Em, Use 'Em, and Be One

    Unless you know everything about everything, you could benefit from having a mentor. And if you know a whole lot about something, consider being a mentor for someone who knows less that you do.

    This episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio tells you how to find a mentor, how to use a mentor, and how to be a mentor.

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    007 - How to be Creative

    You don't have to be a writer, designer or artist to be creative. If you've ever come up with an innovative solution to a problem, congrats, you are creative!

    This episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio shows you how to use the scientific method to harness your creativity and produce something effective and, thereby, creative. We call this order of operations "The Creative Flow."

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    006 - How to Start Something New

    Thinking about starting something new? Then stop thinking and just do!

    This episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio gives you four steps for getting started – When, What, Why & How.

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    005 - How to Cultivate a Strong Partnership

    Teamwork makes the dream work!

    This episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio discusses why businesses, teams, and relationships are more successful when they're built on a foundation of balance, openness, and trust, aka "The Partnership BOT."

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    004 - How Many Priorities is Too Many Priorities?

    Priorities are the non-negotiables in your life – the things that you do daily without fail and schedule all other activities around. But there is a finite amount of time in each day. That's why we believe having just three priorities is the sweet spot. Any more than 3 priorities and you don't actually have ANY priorities. You just have a bunch of things you're trying to do at the expense of all the other things.

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